Professional photographer in USA | ME, MA, NH |
I first started out my journey capturing landscapes as I traveled. Obsessed with the beauty and truth of all that surrounded me, each place more spectacular than the next. My love of animals also caught my eye behind the camera as I reached out to see those hidden animals often missed or ignored.

My History

It wasn’t until I began living in UAE that I began taking portrait photography upon request and soon I found myself entranced with those faces before me each one telling their own story.

I soaked up any knowledge to help me learn everything I could about this passion and took classes and studied all that was available.
My journey led me to visit the tropical Island of Seychelles where I fed the fish at their coral reefs and made friends with the giant tortoises. In all its splendor nothing struck me harder than being a witness for those islanders living their day to day lives.


Now, I am finally settled down in beautiful New Hampshire, sharing my skills and passion with all around me and determined to help all those I can.
Although this is considered one of the richest countries in the world I’ve seen first hand how the hardest working American lives and struggles. Which is why I am offering my services for the lowest prices possible so that something so simple as a professional photographer is not out of reach.
To capture the events of your lives along my journey and give back to the community all that it has given to me has my biggest dream and I look forward to working with you.

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