As our newborns finally emerge into the world our sleepless nights and days melt together. Within a blink of an eye those days are nothing but memories and there is little to remember between the late night feedings and yawn filled diaper changes. Don't let these perfect moments slip away.

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Best Newborn Photographer in New Hampshire

Newborn Photography

The first 2 weeks are the best time to achieve those adorable costume  photos. Their flexibility allows us to wrap them into precious poses, so it is the perfect time for those newborn photos to be taken with the best results.

Whether you want a natural dreamy element or a comic costume design we can do it all with a great artistic style. Have confidence in your choice, knowing are choosing the best newborn photographer in New England.

The experience is calm and soothing

Rose Realm Photography prides itself on taking the utmost care for your child so the experience is calm and soothing. These moments of your life are fleeting so capture them before they slip away.

Taking all necessary precautions

Traveling all over Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts we are always as excited about your newest family addition as you are.¬† While taking all necessary precautions for your baby’s health and happiness our New England clients are always thrilled with the photos.


  Build an album. get a framed canvas or a whimsical accessory to treasure forever. Contact us today to schedule now.

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