Golden hour photography in New England

November 13, 2020
Kinds Photography in Maine New England

What a beautiful Family! Over looking the Town of Dover, New Hampshire Garrison Hill had splashes of colors in this sunset family shoot also known as the golden hour.  A perfect fall evening to have fun and relax with Abby and husband Johnny and their amazing family.
      This family wanted a relaxed and comfortable family photoshoot showing off the autumn colors. We thought the golden hour was the perfect time to pull all those colors together for some once in a lifetime shots.
       Choosing the perfect place and direction that will  show off the sunsets of a golden hour photoshoot is only one of the issues you will face. A colorful sunset is not always promised and some nights are better than others. But there are ways to predict when those beautiful sunsets will occur.
        Cloud cover, air quality, humidity, and wind speed all contribute to if your sunset shoot will be glorious or dull.
       Cirrus Clouds  are seen as thin, wispy strands. These clouds arrive in advance of frontal systems indicating that weather conditions may soon deteriorate. Nevertheless, these are one of the best kind for photographing dramatic sunsets! Shoot for 30-70% cloud coverage.
        Clean air is very effective at scattering the blue light. For this reason, one of the best times for dramatic sunsets is right after a rain or wind storm.
          Lower humidity will produce more vibrant colors. Fall and winter typically produce lower humidity than in the warmer seasons.
          Wind can either enhance or ruin a good sunset. A soft breeze can keep the air clean and create reddish hues as they push the clouds while harsher winds can remove all clouds and leave you without any color.
      There is only a good solid 15-20 minutes to get these perfect shots so patience and persistent is key!

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