Rustic Wedding photos.

December 22, 2020
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The Rustic photos have been a big trend lately and we searched some hidden places tucked away in New Hampshire for these beautiful rustic Wedding bridal photos. 
     We had such a wonderful day with our gorgeous bride Elise finding all the hidden treasures to make these Bridal photos have that beautiful rustic feel.  When looking for a rustic atmosphere here are some perfect things to look for to give you the best shots.
      Wood beams, wood panel walls and reclaimed wood add a nice touch to any photo. Finding an area with weathered wood like that on an old barn is perfect.
       Repurposed Antiques are incredible props and aspects in a background that can turn your photo from drab to fabulous.
       Stone is great for rustic photos. Finding a large Boulder, stone wall or using other stone props such as a fireplace is ideal for those incredible wedding photos.
       Find those Warm, Earthy Colors and add them in with your wedding colors for a splash of rustic charm that has a magical feeling.

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