Choose a memorable place for your photoshoot.

January 20, 2021

It was a beautiful sunny day at Prescott Park in Portsmouth, NH.  This area is filled with beauty along the Piscataqua River. The fishing boats and waves make gorgeous backgrounds, while the flowers in the park benches adds a burst of life to any photo.
       Brittany and her beautiful family choose this spot for her family photos  because this place held a significant meaning to her. It was only a year prior  that she had her pregnancy photos done in this same spot and wanted to update her photos with her first ever professional family photo with her son Camden and boyfriend Chris.
       Choosing a meaningful place for your photos is key to having a photography session that you will remember for a lifetime with pictures that will be worthwhile.
        Whether you have a history at that place like Brittany did or if you just have an emotional connection to the scenic view… finding a memorable area for the session is pivotal for creating photos that you will love.
   Often it is not the place that is the most important element but rather the look and feel of the place you feel connected to.  So be open and honest with your photographer about what creative look you have in mind.

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