When to do a newborn photoshoot ?

March 2, 2021

Little Mason made his first debut only 1 week after his birth. It was the perfect time to capture all his glory.  This is a very relaxed moment and these shoots often take longer because we want your newborn to be calm and happy. We encourage feeding and diaper changes as needed to allow for that to happen. 
     There is only a very limited time frame that a newborn photo can take place.. After ten days your baby will begin to stretch out his or her little feet and lose some of that amazing flexibility they had while curled up in the womb.  In order to get those bundled up tiny poses schedule your newborn photoshoot within 10 days after the birth.  Contact us with your due date and we can pick out colors and schemes before the arrival of your newest family addition. When that time comes we can pinpoint a date and time.
       There is nothing cuter than a sleeping baby photo and we know milk is the best sleeping aid there is which is another reason we encourage feedings and often have longer sessions. Plan for a 2 hour shoot but understand that it may last longer since we rely on the how your newborn has decided to participate.
      But don’t worry, if the situation arises and your baby is older there are still so many incredible poses to do that will make your newest member shine.

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